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"Somewhere Over the Rainbow/ Somebody to Love"

2020 May

Performed by the C Sharp Singers

C# Singers present:

Tina Chou

Bryant Chung

Mary Kate Cooke

Jocelyn Gao

Gabriel Krotkov

Zach Lee

Ryan Liu

Rie Ohta

Emma Parks

Neeraj Sathe

Kevin Shim

Anya Singhal

Kat Strickland

Sean Swayze

Christine Wu

Max Yeh

Directing/filming/editing: Yelim Kim

Choreography by Yelim Kim

Audio made possible by Tina Chou Gabriel Krotkov Kevin Shim

What A Wonderful World/Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Originally performed by Bob Thiele, George David Weiss, Harold Arlen

Arranged by Tina Chou and Ben Formantes


Somebody to Love

Originally performed by Queen

Arranged by Christian Bernard

Soloist: Emma Parks

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