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"Speak No Evil"

Blak Rapp and Jasiri X

2019 November


Premiered at Kresge Theater at CMU as part of the Wats:on? Festival:NOW 2019 on November 7th

Directors: Yelim Kim, Steven Montinar

Head Cinematophy: Enzo Sica

DJI Ronin with Camera: Yelim Kim

Assistant Camera: GyuEun Park, Cotey Andreg

Post Production: Yelim Kim, Steven Montinar, GyuEun Park, Enzo Sica

Prop Designers: Keegan Barone, Cotey Anderegg

Graphic Designer: Serina Liu

Visual Assistants: Andre Solomon, Vincent DeRienzo

Special Thanks to the the Watson family, Spike Wolf, Cassie Howard

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